A lie detector test is used for all manner of different situations and circumstances. It has often be thought of as a great resource for trying to get the truth from people. However, when put up against the anomaly which is a psychopath, it is not always clear that the lie detectors are going to be able to cut it. The question on everyone’s minds is simple, what happens when a psychopath goes up against a lie detector?

What is a psychopath?

To work out if the psychopath beats the lie detector, we need to know what we’re dealing with. At a basic level, a psychopath is someone with a particular set of characteristics which seem odd and unique. They’re often cold and calculating and are physically incapable of feeling any emotion. They have no concept of morality, and can very convincingly put on a facade of emotion from watching other people. However, they have no understanding of the actual emotion itself. They can also be pathological and compulsive liars, and have absolutely no qualms with manipulating people to get what they want when they want it.

So what does this mean when using a lie detector?

When it comes to psychopaths and lie detectors, there’s a lot of problems. When you lie, the lie detector picks up on the nerves you have when lying, as well as feelings of guilt, and anxiety, all of which manifest as the physiological changes that a lie detector test can pick up. However, the issue is that a psychopath feels none of those things. The fact that they don’t feel guilt, remorse or anxiety like other people do means that they could lie on every question and you’d never be able to tell the difference. A psychopath has a much higher chance of being able to fool the lie detector test and get away with it merely because they’re so used to lying and not giving anything away that it has become second nature to them. This makes catching a psychopath out an arduous task.

Overall, the lie detector test is a valuable way to try and figure out if someone is telling the truth or not, but also sadly falls slightly short when it comes to a psychopath taking the test. The problem which is the hardest to get around is the lack of emotion because those negative emotions converting into physiological conditions is what allows the detector to pick up on changes in a person’s vitals and then identify that as being different isn’t possible. Therefore, it is entirely possible that a psychopath can easily and simply lie about anything and everything and the machine will never know. Therefore, trying to use a polygraph test uk on a psychopath is near on impossible, which is probably one of the reasons they don’t force the use on anyone because in some cases there is no point in wasting time and resources.